Toshkent avtomobil yo`llarini loyihalash, qurish va ekspluatatsiyasi instituti rasmiy veb sayti




   The purpose of the project. Movement for nature conservation and sustainable development in the former Aral sea region. This initiative is carried out under the patronage of the , The Center of Innovative Technology and Environmental Innovation at the Tashkent Institute Design, Construction and Maintenance of Automotive Roads, The purpose of the initiative is the creation of ecological-educational foundations of a "Green Belt in Aral Kum" improving the educational potential of teachers and trainers, empowering and mobilizing youth, and accelerating the adoption of sustainable solutions within local conditions.This project practices ESD as transforming education in support of sustainable development, leading to individual and social changes in the Aral Sea region with a complex social and environmental situation.

  •  establishment of partnership and consolidation of efforts of governmental and non-governmental structures, international organizations, scientists, specialists, political figures from different countries, first and foremost, from the countries of Central Asia, for a comprehensive study of critical socio-ecological problems, the determination of priority directions of their study and the ways of their solution;
  •  contribution to ensuring ecological security, the formation of scientifically grounded ecological policy in Central Asia, the rational use of natural resources and the raising of ecological awareness of the population;
  •  improvement of ecological education of the population, the dissemination of ecological, sanitary-hygienic knowledge and healthy lifestyle, the prevention of diseases, the information of the population of the environmental condition;
  •  development of humanitarian cooperation with international organizations, financial institutions and other foreign partners;
  •  providing medical-consultative, treatment-prophylactic and charitable assistance to the population who live in ecologically disastrous regions, first and foremost in the Aral Sea region.

    Permanent participants activities - senators, deputies of Legislative chamber to Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan, workers of the diplomatic corps accredited in Uzbekistan
    Partnership "ECOSAN-MASS MEDIA a major factor of ecological propaganda

    The way to sustainable development
    Y.Shadimetov - the participant of the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg (S i R, 2002)
    At the exhibition following the contest"Ecology through the eyes of children .

    Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Russian Federation to Uzbekistan F. Muhametshin is sharing his impressions of ecohashar
    Ecological hashars in Uzbekistan evoke an interest among foreign partners
    During the public hearings on the progress of the implementation of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan"On water and water use the presentation of the water supply system in Uchsai village of Muinak district of Karakalpakstan was held
    Re-orientation of agricultural research to meet the Millennium Development Goals is a mechanism for the restoration of natural resources
    The meeting with the veterans on the Day of memory and honors
    The discussion of the role of women in the process of the environmental protection is on the agenda of the conference "Women and ecololgy

    The international meeting on the problems of the Aral Sea anti the Aral
    ( Tashkent, the conference-hall of Hotel "Markaziy)
    At the international conference "The issues of nature and man in Alisher Navois works  
    The finalists of the republican contest "Yosh onalar
    (Young mothers)
    Y.Shadimetov with the participants of youth projects on ecological education 

    The interview of the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Chinese People's Republic Mr. Yu Hongjun to the correspondent of "Davr during the ecological action in Tashkent botanical garden




The strengthening of material-technical basis of health facilities

   The trains of health were formed that later became an important mechanism in providing highly qualified medical aid to the population and an efficient element in delivering humanitarian cargoes. The patients who needed hospital treatment are sent to health facilities under local health departments and specialized health facilities of Tashkent. Taking into consideration the significance of such form of work the Cabinet of Ministers supported the initiative and passed an order "On "ECOSAN trains of health in 1993.

   The trains of health are mobile outpatient clinics consisting of 7 carriages with the team of highly qualified doctors and experts who go to the ecologically unfavorable regions for providing medical-consultative and humanitarian aid. The main partners in organizing trains are the "Uzbekistan temir yullari Company and the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan. Local authorities provide assistance to the work of the trains arranging the transportation of patients to the trains, targeted help to low-income families and large families together with the repre sentatives of "ECOSAN, as well as in organizational support in holding meetings, conferences and lectures. Many ministries, departments, industrial enterprises, embassies and country offices on international organizations take an active part in forming humanitarian cargo of trains.

   In recent years the "Uzbekistan temir yullari Company equipped the mobile diagnostic center of the train of health with modem ultrasonic equipment, ECG and endoscopes. Thanks to it now there is the possibility to X-ray and arrange the computer-based examination of the condition of health of patients.

   The doctors from the capital clinics, medical institutes and health facilities including medical workers of different profiles - pediatricians, ophthalmologists, surgeons, cardiologists, gynecologists and X- ray specialists - cany out multi-profile examination and provide necessary medical-consultative aid to the residents of remotes villages and districts in well equipped modern medical carriages of trains and in central district hospitals and mral health facilities. Every day they examine some 600 patients.

   The similar practical activities organized by the international fund "ECOSAN and 1financed by foreign sponsors include the organi- I zation of the "trains of health providing charitable aid to the population of the Aral Sea region at the amount of 1,2 billion Uzbek sums.

(The extract from the statement of the President Islam Karimov at the grand meeting dedicated to the 14th anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan. December 7, 2006)







   For a detailed study of the ecological situation in provinces, the preparation of decisions for improving ecological situation "ECOSAN forms and sends to the regions the joint ecological missions of scientists, ecologists, experts, representatives of embassies and international organizations.


The members of the "ECOSAN mission to the Republic of Karakalpakstan: ambassadors of a number of foreign states, heads of international financial institutions accredited in Uzbekistan (2004)
The flight over the Aral Sea by the members of the "ECOSAN mission (1999)
The ecofestival "We - to the children of Aral" under the (05.1V mission to Nukus)
The visit by the members of the "ECOSAN mission to the health facilities of Muinak - the epicenter of the Aral crisis (2006)
The "ECOSAN2 mission to the FRG organized together with the Frederick Ebert Foundation (2001)
The ECOSAN mission to Fergana province

   At the end of the mission the "ECOSAN humanitarian aid was delivered to Afghanistan - treatment- nutritional preparations for children that are also used for treating anemia and other post-traumatic conditions and disinfectants for the prevention of infectious diseases.

The "ECOSAN mission to India (2007) 
At the international ecoforum on ecological and economic development of the Aral Sea region. (The conference-room of "Hofburg palace, Vienna, 2007)

Yu. Shadimetov is making his presentation at the UNIDO international workshop on the problems of energy and ecology in the Diplomatic academy of the Ministry offoreign affairs of Austria (Vienna, 2007)


   Thanks to the masterpieces of architecture, national color and unique eco-system Uzbekistan possesses all opportunities to become one of the centers of tourism and eco-tourism not only in Central Asia but throughout the world. After gaining independence, the expansion and strengthening of international relations there appeared the possibility to include Uzbekistan in world tourism and eco-tourism market. Modem infrastructure of international eco-tourism is created and strengthened.

The youth meeting in Chimgan devoted to the Day of Earth

At the International tourism fair in Berlin ITB-2004 the meeting with the chairman of the World tourism organization Mr. Francesco Frangialli was held
At the meeting "Uzbekistan-India: tourism and ecotour - factor of sustainable development with the
members .